Decluttering our commitments

Sarah Weiler
6 min readJan 18, 2023

A step by step guide to creating more space in 2023 (spoiler alert — it doesn’t always involve quitting!)

Walking the thin line between embracing life’s joys and tumbling into overwhelm is at the core of being a Carouseller or multi-passionate.

Not having enough to do can feel like a curse, but sometimes, in the quest to readdress the balance, we can find ourselves saturated with newness and stimuli.

There is so much I long to do and experience, but am I going deep enough on any of it for it to feel truly satisfying?

This is where I find myself at the start of 2023.

2022 was the post-pandemic-expansion. I moved to a new part of London, grew my social circles, took on new hobbies. I said yes to it all and loved reconnecting with the buzz of London. I wonder if 2022 felt like that kind of year for you too?

But now, I sit with debris of 2022 and I’m asking, ‘what do I want to choose for this year?’ ‘Which things feel alive right now?

It can feel tempting to keep all the tabs open — to dip in and out — but I’m keen to have quality over quantity and really be present with the few things I am choosing.

Below I’m sharing my step by step guide of how I’m working out what to keep and what to let go of. Please use this too for your own decluttering process, and let me know how you get on in the comments.

Decluttering your Commitments — a step by step guide

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

  1. Write down all the things that are currently taking up headspace, time or energy in your life. (I find Whatsapp groups can be a big source of this so scroll through for groups and communities you are part of). It can help to do these on post-its so that you can move them around. You can also do this digitally on a jamboard.

2. Pick each one up and connect with how it feels for you right now, at this moment in your life. Be as honest as you can be. Remember you don’t have to share this with anyone, so if something has moved on and there is some guilt around that, that’s okay. For now, we’re just noticing.



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