The Carousel check-in tool

  • The core belief of Carousel is that we are most fulfilled and best contribute to the world when we live a life that truly lights us up.
  • The Carousel model acknowledges that our relationship to different projects is constantly changing, and that something that was once our whole existence can move through us and no longer feel important.
  • There is a lot of grief that comes up with letting projects go, and it can feel challenging to have to make a decision one way of the other to continue or quit — it’s not always that black and white.
  • With the carousel model, we don’t need to make permanent decisions: we allow projects to come in and out of focus and come back round again when they’re ready.
  • Simply put: we don’t really need to DO anything; just quietly observe as the projects change shape and feeling within our bodies.
  • When we’re not working on something directly it can feel like it’s forgotten, but just like summer needs to contrast with winter, and we need to sleep every night, our projects also need to have breathing space.
  • The important thing is to be present with whatever is alive RIGHT NOW, and know that everything that is meant for us will come back around eventually.

The different sections of the Carousel

This is everything that is important to you RIGHT NOW. It lights you up, excites you, consumes you, needs your attention.

How to use the Carousel check-in tool.

1. Make a note of all the projects, activities, interests that are currently in your life, including ones that you’d like to bring in. At the moment you don’t need to worry about what you’re doing with them, just have them all named.



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Sarah Weiler

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