What if it was going to take a year?

In praise of s — l — o — w transitions

Sarah Weiler


I don’t know about you, but once I realise I want to change something in my life, I want it to happen immediately.

Last May, almost to the day, I decided that I had to get a job.

I was so sick of the freelance hustle.

My soul was tired.

The relief at having found a solution to my money anxiety made me ecstatic.

I set to work, contacting friends, posting on Linked In, constantly refreshing the Linked In job notifications tab.

Now I’d decided I needed a job, it needed to happen soon.

Something I get my coaching clients to do is to make a list of things they’ll be saying about their life in 6 months to a year’s time. So I decided to do the same. This was the list I sent to my coach on May 20th 2022 about how I wanted to feel about my ‘‘new job in a company.’’

🔥 I am stimulated (intellectually and creatively) by my work.

😍 I feel proud and excited by the work I do.

💸 I feel really happy with the financial reward for my work.

💜 I feel a sense of completeness and enoughness with my work, knowing there is room for all parts of me.

My coach prompted me to be open-minded — did it have to be in a company?

YES! (I’d replied, almost annoyed) I needed to work in a company — I was determined.

The sense of urgency I felt was profound. I was so attached to this being the only way of meeting my professional needs.

But I didn’t get a job in a company in June… or July… or August, or any of the following months.

And now, one year on, May 17th 2023, I look at that list and I can say yes to all of them. Amazingly, the coaching for teachers initiative I’ve started meets all those requirements.

And it’s not job in a company.

I’ve not had to give up any of my freedom or flexibility over my time.

I can still swim during the day.

I can go on holiday and take time off whenever I want.



Sarah Weiler

I’m a multi-passionate TEDx speaker, writer, coach, framework-fanatic, quitting researcher & ukulelista/composer. www.sarahweiler.com // tinyletter.com/Carousel