The entrepreneurial orgasm

Sarah Weiler
4 min readJan 24, 2022

And the unexpected projects that emerge when we create from joy

When I was 9 I remember writing in my school report that my favourite thing was coming up with my own ideas.

Today I’m celebrating the ideas that I have birthed into the world.

😂A one-off gig where I shared my comedy songs in public…

…turned into Rye Laughs — a monthly new material night running for 7 years with headliners such as Tom Allen, James Acaster and Phil Wang.

🎵A ukulele jam in my office in Vienna…

…turned into my business Power of Uke — running Leadership + Creativity workshops with 1000s of people, creating a methodology and training up a team of FaSILLYtators to work on Google Design Sprints and PwC Leadership retreats.

🌳A Sunday chat with a friend about how we could get people doing more creative writing…

…turned into Creative Retreats UK — four sold out retreats in a farmhouse in East Sussex and a buzzing community of people reconnecting with their creativity at London meet ups over two years.

🎤Harmonising with friends in a bar one night…

… led to Day of Musical Joy — regular singing meet-ups indoors and in the woods, many new medleys written, and a whole team of us getting paid to run singing workshops at Camp Wildfire this summer.

🌕A Whatsapp group created after 4 of us did a moon ceremony around the kitchen table…

…turned into the CoMOONity — a 80+ strong group of moon-lovers all over the world who gather in ceremony most new and full moon.

🤳🏿A text message to my friend saying I wasn’t sure whether my desire to quit a course was from disinterest or discomfort…

… turned into the Quitting Quadrant ®model, which has been part of a keynote for Google Execs and featured in Stylish and Refinery29.

What I’m noticing about all these ventures is that they started with the same thing:

They all started with EXCITEMENT, FLOW, JOY and EASE.

They didn’t start with the end goal.

I wasn’t trying to set up a venture or be strategic.

I never planned to run a Retreats business, or write a Ukulele Leadership Methodology, or run a comedy night….



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