The 3-Tier Pricing Model™ (for money-anxious entrepreneurs…)

1. Don’t worry too much about the price you start off with.

2. It is less about the number you ask for, and more about how you FEEL about that number.


4. Meet yourself where you are.

5. Using the model to find a price.

6. You can use these phrases to show value but also be open.

7. ‘But isn’t some money better than none?’

8. Why we shouldn’t take a Piss Take price

When you are setting your price, check in with how you would feel doing the work the next day at that price. What is your body telling you?

9. Aiming for a Fair Exchange

It always comes back to how it feels. You intuitively know what feels good for you.

10. Some examples of a fair exchange that isn’t money.

11. Some stories of getting the price wrong

12. It doesn’t have to be the end of the conversation!



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