12 ways to create Psychological Safety — on Zoom

We have to help people to feel safe and connected when they come to our virtual events.

Below is a by no means exhaustive list of suggestions from my own experience of running and attending online workshops, group coaching and ceremonies during 2020.

  1. Acknowledgement
  • everyone unmutes one by one and shares name/where they are/one word to share how they are feeling about the workshop
  • everyone shares location/one word in the chat
  • everyone shares one hope and one fear for the workshop
  • Share from your own experience (eg. don’t talk about what others have said in a breakout room)
  • Be aware of the range of experiences on the call — don’t make assumptions about what people may have gone through.
  • Ask questions but don’t give advice
  • Thumbs up/emojis
  • Wiggle fingers to agree with what’s being said, or hand on heart to show compassion
  • Using a talking piece when people want to speak, which they hold up
  • White board to create joint drawings (we once had to draw a communal dragon!)
  • Jam board to share post-its and ideas
  • Dance/move together eg. copying dance moves or simply all moving together to the same song
  • Unmute to clap or to say goodbye at the end
  • Listen to music together



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Sarah Weiler

Sarah Weiler


I’m a multi-passionate TEDx speaker, writer, coach, framework-fanatic, quitting researcher & ukulelista/composer. www.sarahweiler.com // tinyletter.com/Carousel