Have you forgotten the basics?

Sarah Weiler
2 min readOct 31, 2022

I don’t know about you, but I forget every single time.

That when I’m feeling existential dread eg.

‘what am I doing with my life?’
‘I should change everything’
‘I’ve achieved nothing’

More often than not I need…

1. A healthy meal
2. A good night’s sleep
3. Exercise in nature
4. IRL human connection

I do not ever believe that it is this simple.
I am horrified at the suggestion that these basic things will make me feel any different.
I am sure that I need to move countries, overhaul my career and take up skateboarding before I do I healthy food shop or get off my phone before 10pm.

And yet, it often is that simple.

When we are fuelled, rested, watered and connected. When we’ve moved our bodies and got into nature. Things DO feel brighter. We are not worrying about the past or the future as much. We feel calmer and happier.

Yesterday I sat on my sofa in tears, unexpectedly distraught about my life and where I was at. I couldn’t see any positives. But I’d also had a big weekend of late nights, not eating proper meals and being in my flat a lot on my own. Not ideal.
So I went for a stomp in Epping Forest and saw a friend for deep chats.
I cooked myself a delicious roast dinner.
I had 9 hours sleep.

I’ve woken up today feeling like a different person and I am almost annoyed at how the basics helped so much. It really can be that simple, but in those moments it feels like sleep and food and connection could never be enough.

We are mammals and we need the basics.

I’m not suggesting that worries and existential dread should never be looked at. Sometimes they are calling for our attention. But when we are hungry, tired, disconnected, nature-deprived, we are always going to feel in threat and want to escape somehow. It’s never conducive to big life reflections.

I’m sharing this because I always forget.
I always forget that I need to do those things first.
Nourish first, THEN decide it feels like life needs a big overhaul.

Which of the basics do you need to give yourself today?

Big love from a full-bellied, fully-rested, nature-infused Sarah x



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